In Greek mythology a king named Sisyphus, believed himself to be so clever that he thought he could outsmart Zeus himself. Eventually, Zeus got fed up and sentenced Sisyphus to an eternity of rolling a large boulder up a mountain. Each time the boulder neared the summit, it would roll back down, and Sisyphus had to start all over again.Thus he was confined to an eternity of useless efforts and unending frustration.

In many ways the experience of Sisyphus describes the experience of the estimated 120 million of us who are dieting at any given moment. Dieting takes a great deal of willpower and energy. Which is the same as pushing a large boulder up a mountain. Statistics show that very few people are successful in reaching the summit. A more common scenario is that they struggle until they can go no more and the boulder rolls back down hill where it remains until the next weight-loss program.

The reason it is so difficult to reach the summit is because conventional weight-loss and exercise programs aren’t the answer.

Diets Don’t Work
Dr. Arya Sharma, who is the chair of obesity research and management at the University of Alberta and medical director of the Weight Wise program at Edmonton's Royal Alexandra Hospital, says:

"The minute you go on a diet, the minute you start losing weight the first thing that happens is your body says, 'OK we're going to shut down the furnace, there's not enough fuel coming in, we're not going to be shifting to fourth gear anymore,' and it happens automatically."

As soon as the body goes on a diet it’s survival mechanisms kick in and weight loss slows and eventually stops. This is very frustrating to those trying to pushing the rock so they inevitably stop and go back to their old eating habits. But now the body’s metabolism has slowed down and they gain even more weight than before. This is the yo-yo effect.

Exercise Programs Don’t work
A report in a recent Journal of the American Medical Association followed 3,554 men and women over 20 years. Half the group exercised vigorously, the others led more sedentary lifestyles. Both groups gained weight, but the average difference was only 2.6 kilograms for men and 6.1 kilograms for women.

Some studies have even suggested that in order for exercise alone to effect weight loss it would need to be 90 to 120 minutes a day.

So much for exercise in preventing weight gain and creating weight loss.

Who Do We Blame?
Research has shown 95% of those who lose weight gain it back within three years. Beyond 3 years that failure rate is even worse. In reality, almost no one loses significant weight and keeps it off.

The FDA has declared that not one single company in the entire weight loss industry can show a record of long-term success. This is an incredible accusation toward an entire industry. What would happen to the automobile industry if the majority of their vehicles quit running within three years of purchase? But the $30 billion dollar diet industry has plenty of advertising dollars. More than sufficient to convincing everyone that their programs work leaving most people pointing the finger at themselves. It can’t be the diet, it was guaranteed to work. It must be me.

Dr. Arya Sharma says, “The science around obesity does support the contention of so many people that in spite of a healthy diet and getting exercise, they continue to gain weight.”

What’s the answer?
You must disregard many of the conventional ideas about weight loss.

When you cut your finger the blood flows from tiny vessels in the skin. This blood helps wash out the dirt and germs. The bleeding soon stops as the blood thickens, or clots. The clots keep out harmful bacteria and soon form a scab. The scab acts as protection while the wound is healing. New skin grows and when it is completely filled in the scab falls off. Your body wants to be healthy and is designed to automatically heal itself.

It is the same for our weight. Our bodies want to be healthy and at a healthy weight.

We don’t have to be like Sisyphus, we have power over ourselves. There is not some vengeful God controlling our experience. We are the God of ourselves, the answer we are seeking is inside of ourselves and that gives us hope. We don’t have to buy into the story the advertising industry is selling. Put down the rock and simply do something different.

Why Weight is a totally different way of looking at things. For 6 weeks we examine the mental and emotional reasons Why we have excess Weight. Why Weight Group will help you learn how to access the power of your mind to create your healthy body weight.Once identified we can use simple techniques to eliminate them and then our body can naturally reach the summit of our healthy weight.

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I have talked to several people over the last few days, all expressing similar sentiments: "This has been a really hard month." "I feel unmotivated, confused, lost." "I don't know why, but I feel really out of sorts." "I'm doing all the things I should but I just don't feel better."

I realized that if they are feeling that way, there must be a lot of others in the same boat.

There is much going on at a planetary level. The planet itself is going through some revolutionary changes. There is a breaking down of old, no longer useful societal held belief systems. And each individual is called to slow down, review, deal with unfinished business; in other words clear their own slate as humanity continues it's dance of delivering itself into a "New Age" where life happens by a completely different set of "rules". The evidence is all around us in the breaking down of all the old paradigms and systems that have controlled us for many years. We must wake up to the manipulations, reveal false beliefs so we can return ourselves to harmony. We can no longer live out of alignment with our true selves. The planet is no longer tolerating this. The only way we can really solve the problems of this time is to heal our individual selves.

The early months of 2012 are a time set aside for each of us to look at the changes we can make within ourselves. Each time we release ourselves from old limiting beliefs, false perceptions, judgements of self and others we change our vibration and the vibration of the planet. The more of us who participate the easier it will become for others to follow in our footsteps. As a light worker my mission is to shine light where there is darkness and untruth so that the light may take hold and the untruth be dispelled. The untruth that so many of us have been believing that we are not OK, that we are flawed, unwhole and even unfixable; that we are separate. When the light shines on us we see that we are ourselves beings of light. Change must happen one person at a time.

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Get Help



When Brad (a local Shaman) came to visit us at the Healing Centre, he asked me if I had any plants. I told him, I just couldn't seem to keep plants alive. He suggested, as an exercise in emotional healing, I get a few plants, assign them different gifts that I appreciate in myself, and grow the plant to grow the gifts. I accepted the challenge and began growing my 5 plants that represented these 5 aspects of myself. At first I was quite successful but one plant began to be covered in little, tiny bugs. I carefully took the plant, from time to time, and washed away these little bugs so that my plant could grow unencumbered. But, always the bugs came back. A friend suggested spraying the plant to kill the bugs but I just couldn't see coating this precious aspect of myself in some bug killing spray.

I continued to love and care for my plant the best I could, but still the bugs kept coming back. Then last Sunday, I Got Help! I found a little ladybug on the kitchen table and the thought popped into my head, “ladybugs eat bad bugs.” I scooped her up and put her on my plant where she immediately got busy eating the little black bugs. And she's still there, dutifully eating away, helping me and my plant to flourish. I don't know where she came from because the ground outside is covered with snow but I'm glad she did.

I tried to do it by myself, and although no one died, I just wasn't quite getting my plant to the point of thriving. This is how it was going with my Self Acceptance project. I was doing my best, dutifully using the tools I have, taking the time for myself but I simply wasn't thriving. I could push through a little but seemed to easily roll right back to the gloomy, self-recriminating way I was feeling before. And then I Got Help!

I called my aunty Megan, and because she loves me more than anyone else, ever, she lovingly helped me to see a way to love myself as I am. She showed me that I was carrying emotions that didn't belong to me, and, because they where so painful, I was hiding outside of my body to escape them. As we worked together I was able to release these from my body, making it safe for me to go back and live there. I instantly felt more connected to myself and better able to be present in the moment.

My friend Suki came for a visit and shared her wonderful healing gifts with me. As we worked together she guided me to release fears. It seemed I was holding myself out of my own power instead of using my power to bring happiness to myself. After our session I began to feel lighter, more open and better prepared to face the simple tasks of each day that before had seemed so hard.

My wonderful friend Pam helped me to release the tension I had been storing in my body and her wonderful Deep Healing Massage was the favourite 'help' that I got this past month:)

The moral of the story is: We ALL need help from time to time. We tend to cut ourselves off from the people and situations around us, disappearing into ourselves. While this can seem safe it is actually cutting us off from the light aspects in ourselves and the light around us. We hate to ask for help, I think this is a left over from when we were 2 and always insisted, “me do it.” I know that's exactly where I was at. Maybe it's time to grow up. Maybe there isn't anyone among us that couldn't use a little help from time to time. Maybe. I know I will continue to face struggles and enter into darker places of myself but next time I'll ask for help sooner and move through faster. Maybe.

I am grateful for these wonderful women and their willingness to share their healing gifts with me. I am grateful that I am feeling better, most days, and when I'm not, I know what to do. How about you? Need a little help? Click on the names of the wonderful women above to link to their sites or give me a shout and maybe I can pay it forward...

I have found myself really at odds with...myself lately. I notice I've been running a lot of things from my past through my head, “I should have...”, “Why did I..?”, “How could I have been so stupid, lazy, irresponsible..?”. You know the drill. I've been hiding from the real me or, hiding the real me by really being caught up in these thoughts in my head, by sleeping lots, by staying really busy, by being in blame, by beating myself up and on and on.

Today, I begin my Self-Acceptance Project. For the next 30 days I am going to focus on moving into total acceptance of who I really am.

First, to jump start the process, I'm going to spend some time each day really addressing the thoughts of past events. In my head my past 'mistakes' rumble around and drown out what's happening in my life right now. (Especially the 'mistake' I made yesterday) I become overwhelmed with feelings of shame, anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, isolation, fear,... Starting today I am making a list of these thoughts and 'working' on them one at a time to release myself from the mental, emotional and even physical pain and suffering they cause me. I will do a lot of free writing to get these thoughts out of my head and onto a paper where I can examine them more closely. Then I'll release them, probably mostly using “The Work.

Then everyday I'm going to allow myself to be more consciously aware of my thoughts of self-recrimination as they pop up. I will acknowledge each thought as a part of me rather than try and bury or stuff it down. Then I will take just a few seconds to release it's emotional, non-helpful, hold on me. Depending on the time allowed and privacy of the situation I'm in I'll do a combination of clearing techniques. I can simply say to myself, “I notice I think... and it makes me feel... I forgive myself and love myself in this moment.” If the environment is appropriate I will do some meridian tapping or HPT.

What I want is to feel at peace with who I am today and how my life is. I want feel light; to truly love and accept all parts and aspects of myself. I want to be free to really live my life full out with total joy, nothing held back.

Want to join me? Follow along on the blog here, I'll keep you updated on my experiences. If you want to really jump start this for yourself why not come to my Self-Forgiveness Workshop October 17, 2011 from 7:00-9:00pm at the Fort Saskatchewan Healing Centre. Call me to reserve your spot 780-604-0508

“In the Middle Ages, they had guillotines, stretch racks, whips and chains. Nowadays, we have a much more effective torture device called the bathroom scale.” (Stephen Phillips)

Actively depriving yourself of certain foods or eating less causes hormonal and chemical changes in the body. It causes the body to go into “starvation mode”. This sends the message to the brain to have the body begin storing food (in the form of fat) because obviously there isn't enough. In an effort to conserve essential resources your metabolism slows down. Then when you start to eat regularly or give into cravings your body continues its efforts to hold on to fat. Unknowingly you have created a no win situation with fat being added to your body with less calories than before.

Many experts agree that dieting can actually make you fat. In one study it was found that teenagers who diet were 3 times more likely to be overweight in 5 years. Have you or someone you know experienced this yo-yo effect. Why would this happen if diets “work”?

Why do people diet? People diet because they don't know any other way. Besides there isn't a magazine on the rack by the grocery checkout that doesn't tout some diet as a sure fire method to weight loss. Conventional wisdom teaches us that the weight issue is simple: eating less means weighing less, therefore it must be a will power issue. But the scientific evidence is clear, dieting doesn't' work. Dieting makes your body store more fat.

If dieting doesn't work, what's the answer? “The way to lose weight is not to struggle or fight against your body.” (John Gabriel) The way to lose weight is to figure out Why your body wants to be fat and then Weight loss will become automatic and inevitable.

To learn more, join my Why Weight Group starting September 20, 2011 from 7:00-9:00. The first class is free. Or call me to set up time to work one on one.

Although you may not have heard the word Mandala before, you already know what it is. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Circles are powerful symbols used in every culture. You find them in halos, prayer wheels, stained glass windows, architecture and nature. Mandalas are considered sacred circles that have long been used to help us become centered in mind and body, access answers from the realm of spirit and heal ourselves.

Check out some pictures

And it's so easy! Creating a mandala is considered to be a simple and easy form of meditation. That’s because creating your mandala automatically puts you into a meditative frame of mind so it doesn't take any extra effort to get the benefits of meditation. It's in this meditative state that we are able enter that state of 'oneness' where we feel centered and a part of all there is.

Coloring or creating mandalas helps us to gain access to deeper levels of consciousness. It engages the right brain which in turn gives us access to the realm of spirit where all answers lie. When we access this aspect of ourselves we find the answers to problems just coming to our minds, just knowing what direction to take, the ability to be at peace in our current situations and so much more.

Meditation, and therefore creating mandalas, has been shown in clinical trials to boost the immune system, reduce stress, combat depression, reduce pain, lower blood pressure and release melatonin which promotes restful sleep. Many people use them as a healing tool for mental, emotional and physical dis-eases.

With all these great benefits and the simplicity of it I wonder if it's time that we all got back into this ancient practice?

To find out more and to get started on your own Mandala Meditation practice come to my upcoming class: "Mandalas for Meditation and Manifestation". For more info click here

Forgiveness is a tricky subject. Often we believe that forgiveness of another person or situation somehow validates or makes what happened OK. Some part of us fights to hold onto that last little bit of unforgiveness so that no one is left with the impression that what happened is right.

The problem is that this keeps us stuck in the past; unable to truly live in the present. When we hold onto events that have happened in the past we send energy there. Imagine that you receive 100 units of energy each day to live your life but you send 60 of them (as most of us do) into thinking about wrongs that have been done to you. That leaves a scant 40 units of energy to use today. And if you're like most of us, you use a good portion of this to worry about the future. As you can see this leaves little energy to use as you live each day. Maybe that's why we're all exhausted all the time.

There are two types of forgiveness. Traditional forgiveness brings us some peace as we tell ourselves: “It's how they where raised.” “They don't know any better.” “I'll just be the bigger person and forgive them.” Transformational forgiveness, of others and ourselves, offers total peace and reclamation of all your energy as you embrace the perfection of the situation.

When we forgive all others and ourselves we can find a great peace in our lives, reclaim our energy from the past and use it to live a fuller richer life right NOW.

End Confusion

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

You've probably heard this before but do you understand how literal and true this statement is? To change our minds and create happier, healthier lives we need to do more than simply read a book, attend a workshop or learn a new philosophy. Those approaches may work for a time but we soon end up back where we started. We vow to be different; to create our lives with power and passion. But we fall short of these creative, empowering ideas. We seem unable to have the will power necessary to move ourselves forward. Why?

Reveal Truth

The reason is simple. Will power is a function of the conscious mind. The conscious mind makes up 17% of our brain mass. It is where our awareness is, where we gather information and make decisions. But it is our unconscious mind that influences what we actually do. The conscious mind is only responsible for 2-4% of what we see happen in our lives. The unconscious mind is 83% of our brain mass and accounts for 96-98% of what happens in our lives. It is where our core belief systems and habits are stored. It is the place that must be accessed should we want lasting changes in our lives. The problem is we are mostly unaware of the programs and belief systems that are running in our unconscious mind and that are controlling our lives.

Literally “you cannot solve a problem” until you change the “mind that created it” in the first place.

Empower yourself

As a Spiritual Healer I help you identify these core issues and underlying belief systems that are keeping you stuck in the exact same problems and place. Identifying these is the first big step to starting on your path to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. And as you continue your healing journey I can help you, through simple energy healing techniques, go through the next steps of releasing and replacing these defeating beliefs with ones that empower you to have a happier, healthier life.